Don't you Nomi?

Klaus Nomi, a visionary German countertenor who defied borders and genres, came from the Allgäu region of Germany and moved to New York where he achieved his breakthrough. With his crossover of opera, pop and New Wave, he was ahead of his time and became an attraction in the New York underground with his extraordinary retro-futuristic art look.

David Bowie was inspired by Nomi and hired him for a performance on the NBC show Saturday Night Live, which contributed to his breakthrough. But, before Nomi could see the fruits of his unwavering pursuit of artistic recognition, he died tragically as one of the first prominent victims of AIDS, lonely and poverty-stricken. Director Julia Lwowski, who was nominated for the German theatre prize in 2022 with the music theatre collective Hauen und Stechen for her production »Der Faust«, has staged a tribute to this exceptional artist and his life-long search for recognition, belonging and identity.



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