The oratorio Die Schöpfung by Joseph Haydn was written between 1796 and 1798 and was performed in public for the first time in March 1799 at the Vienna Burgtheater. Its subject is nothing less than the creation of the world, following the Holy Scripture as described in the book of Genesis. Haydn's opus stands out by its august lyrical beauty and the alternating arias, recitatives and ample majestic choir movements and is among the most popular oratorical works of the classical and romantic repertoire. The clarity of thought and the musical beauty of the work in which the mature composer Haydn and his librettist Gottfried van Swieten interpreted the story of creation by their own rules has not lost any of its fascination more than 200 years later.



»Die Schöpfung«

approx. 2:15 h | including 1 interval Introductory lecture 45 min prior to the concert (in German)