Cards & Discounts


The StaatsopernCard is your flexible subscription for opera, ballet and concert performances. At a price of 30 € (reduced rate 15 €) the holders of StaatsopernCard get a discount of 20% for a period of 12 months.

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With your AboCard you can buy tickets for all performances of the season early, before the start of the regular ticket sales  and get a 10% discount on selected Staatsoper products in the opera shop while you attend a performance and a 10% discount on all CDs and DVDs from the classics and opera section as well as a surprise birthday present from our partner Wein&Vinos (of course you need to tell us your birthday). And you can look forward to exclusive campaigns and bargain offers.

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Starting one hour before the beginning of a performance, upon presentation of a ClassicCard young adults under 30 years get the best seats available at a fixed price: 10 € for opera and ballet performances and 8 € for concerts.

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Please bear in mind that you cannot claim any discounts online (with the exception of the StaatsopernCard and TanzTicket). You can order discounted tickets at the box office and from our ticket hotline: Tel +49 (0)30 – 20 35 45 55

Starting four weeks before any performance, pupils and students as well as apprentices under 30 years, persons serving a voluntary social year or a voluntary ecological year, persons doing voluntary military service and persons receiving unemployment benefit of stage I or II will receive a 50% discount upon presentation of their pass. Operagoers or concertgoers under 18 years will receive a 50% discount in all price groups without any restriction in time.

Starting approx. 30 minutes before the beginning of a performance, unsold tickets will, subject to availability, be sold to persons eligible for discounts at a flat price of 15 €, and at a price of 3 € to holders of the Berlinpass (limited number of seats). However, requests for specific seats cannot be fulfilled.

Starting one hour before the beginning of the performance, the holders of a ClassicCard will receive the best available seats at a price of 8 or 10 €. For further information see CLASSICCARD.

No discounts will be granted for performances at prices from the E, F, G, H as well as special price groups.

Upon presentation of a disabled person's pass with mention "B", disabled persons will receive a ticket for one accompanying person free of charge.

Discounted tickets are valid only in combination with a pass entitling the holder to obtain tickets at a reduced price and a photo identification. If these identifications cannot be presented at the entrance, the difference to the original price must be paid at the box office.

The cloakroom and ticket fees are included in the ticket prices. Generally tickets bought cannot be returned and refunded. In the case of special price performances the number of tickets is restricted to four per person.

No one is entitled to enter after the performance has begun. The General Terms and Conditions of Stiftung Oper in Berlin shall apply which you can consult HERE and in the opera foyer at the box office.

Visitors up to the age of 16 are eligible for a 50% discount ticket in any price category, according to

availability. On presenting valid identification, pupils, students and apprentices up to the age of 30, Bundesfreiwilligendienst (Federal Volonteers Service) conscripts as well as receivers of social benefits (ALG I+II) are eligible for a 50% discount on tickets of certain price categories and for a limited choice of seats, depending on availability, 4 weeks prior to the performance.

If available, last-minute tickets go on sale about 30 min prior to the performance at a price of 13 EUR. Only the group of people mentioned above are eligible to purchase last-minute tickets. Holders of the »Berlinpass« pay 3 EUR for a last-minute ticket.

Best seats will be sold to CassicCard holders at a price of 8 EUR (concerts) or 10 EUR (opera, ballet) respectively one hour prior to the performance.

Performances at E, F, G, H and special prices are excluded from discounts.

Upon showing a disabled-person ID marked »B«, the accompanying person is eligible for a free ticket in all price categories.

Discount tickets are only valid if an official document of proof of eligibility and a valid personal photo ID card can be presented upon entering the opera house. If the person fails to present these documents the remaining amount to full price has to be paid at the box office. We kindly ask for your understanding as the misuse of discount offers has made these procedures necessary.

The ticket prices include cloak and system fees. A service fee of 2 EUR per ticket will apply for online ticket bookings. The service fee does not apply for online bookings with StaatsopernCard | TanzTicket discounts.

Tickets once bought cannot be returned to the opera for reimbursment. The sale of special-price perfomance tickets is limited to four tickets per person. The GTC of the Oper in Berlin foundation apply.