Orchestra Academy

The Orchesterakademie with Staatskapelle Berlin, founded in 1997 by Daniel Barenboim, the opera management and members of Staatskapelle Berlin, continue a century-old tradition of education and training musicians: passing on playing techniques and musical concepts directly from the experienced musicians to budding colleagues. The central idea is to continue the education of promising young musicians and to support them in a committed way. Highly gifted graduates of conservatoires under 27 years of age, who have not yet found firm employment with an orchestra, can be granted a two-year scholarship following a successful audition. During this time they can gain varied experience in practical orchestral work. The academy members work with first-class musicians and famous conductors, perform in the best concert halls in Berlin and are part of guest performances in musical centres of international importance. In this practice they profit from the extraordinarily wide repertoire of Staatskapelle which is active in its historically grown double function as a concert orchestra on stage as well as in the pit for opera and ballet.

The Orchesterakademie is supported by the Britta Lohan Gedächtnisstiftung fund.


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ACADEMISTS 2016/2017

1st Violin

Diego Ponce Hase | Si Hyun Lee | Carlos Graullera

2nd Violin

Camille Joubert | Magdalena Heinz | Lifan Zhu | Charlotte Chahuneau | Hector Burgan


Sophie Groote | Fabian Lindner | Raphaёl Pagnon


Elise Kleimberg | Simone Drescher | Yoon-Kyung Cho

Double Bass

Paul Wheatley | Chia-Chen Lin


Anneleen Schuitemaker


Leonie Bumüller


Frauke Tautorus


Julia Graebe


Joanna Gancarz


Jonas Finke


Javier Sala Pla


André Melo


Antonio Garcia Crespo